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About Us

For2 aims to revolutionize the dating industry. We saw a common issue throughout all dating apps where users would build up a lot of matches, but nothing ever came of them. The whole purpose of dating apps is to eventually move the conversation from digital to face to face, but this rarely happens. We plan on incentivizing meeting your matches by partnering with local restaurants that will provide discounts to our app users. When two people match on our app, they would both be given half of the same coupon code. The pair would then choose a restaurant we partner with to get a meal or drink. When the two people are together, they will finally obtain the full coupon code and can use that for a discounted price at their chosen restaurant. Our application is simple just match, meet, eat.

How it works

It's simple. Match. Meet. Eat.


Don't let the chance to match with people who share a common interest with you pass by. Users will see others on their feed based on location and common interest.


Nothing like breaking the ice over some delicious food. Meet with your matches at local restaurants and receive a discount for meeting through the app.


Use your discount, enjoy your food, and have a good time.

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